Pharmaceutical Liability Litigation at Poulos LoPiccolo

The attorneys at Poulos LoPiccolo have experience in handling some of the largest pharmaceutical liability litigations in history. The Pharmaceutical Liability Practice Group at Poulos LoPiccolo has over 18 years of experience in cases involving individuals injured as a result of dangerous drugs. John Poulos and Joseph LoPiccolo represented Merck during its VIOXX and Fosamax litigation, where they were responsible for getting hundreds of cases dismissed and favorable verdicts at trial.

With their depth of experience from their days defending large pharmaceutical manufacturers and their unique knowledge of the companies’ defensive strategies against such lawsuits, Poulos LoPiccolo is in the best position to build the strongest case on behalf of their clients.

Dangerous Drugs / Medical Devices
Our Drug Liability Department investigates cases involving dangerous drugs such as:

If you or someone you know has suffered catastrophic injuries from taking unsafe drugs, our lawyers can assist you in evaluating your case.

For more information about harmful pharmaceuticals, visit the FDA recall page by clicking this link.


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