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Monmouth County Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Although the dangers of drunk driving have been well publicized for decades, we continue to see an unacceptable level of alcohol-related accidents and fatalities on New Jersey’s roads each year. If you have been the victim of a drunk driver’s reckless behavior, you understand all too well the long-term impact such actions have on innocent people. And as you struggle to pay your bills and regain control of your life, you understandably want to hold the drunk driver legally accountable.

At the same time, you should never assume that just because a person is caught drunk driving that they will automatically pay for your losses. You need to work with an experienced Monmouth County drunk driving accident lawyer who can assist you in asserting your rights. At Poulos LoPiccolo PC we represent clients in seeking compensation for their injuries. We can help you fight for what you are owed under the law.

Demanding Compensation from a Drunk Driver

Everyone knows that drunk driving is against the law. In New Jersey, a person commits a DWI if they operate a motor vehicle while “under the influence” of alcohol or drugs. One common measure of DWI is a person’s blood-alcohol content (BAC). If the driver’s BAC is 0.08 percent or greater, they are considered too drunk to drive. But even at a lower BAC, a person can still be convicted of DWI if their driving was “negatively impacted” by the use of any amount of alcohol.

A DWI can lead to jail time. But that does little for the victims who are injured in a drunk driving accident. Indeed, even in cases where the driver is not criminally prosecuted or acquitted of a formal DWI charge, the victims still have certain legal rights to demand compensation. The burden of proof is much lower in a personal injury case than a criminal trial.

If you can prove that a drunk driver caused your accident, you can ask a court to award you monetary damages as compensation. Some common examples of damages include:

  • past and future medical bills;
  • rehabilitation expenses;
  • lost income if you are unable to return to work;
  • loss of future earning potential;
  • pain and suffering;
  • emotional distress and mental anguish; and
  • loss of quality of life.

Even when a drunk driver concedes liability for a car accident, you still need to prove the existence and amount of these damages. This can often prove more challenging than many accident victims initially realize, particularly with respect to non-economic losses such as pain and suffering. This is yet another reason it is important to work with a skilled drunk driving accidents lawyer who has dealt with these types of cases before. An attorney can also advise you on how New Jersey’s “no-fault” auto insurance rules may affect your right to bring a lawsuit in the first place.

NJ Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers Serving Ocean, Monmouth & Middlesex County

A drunk driver can destroy many lives in just a few seconds. If you are one of those lives, you should not hesitate to assert your legal rights. Contact Poulos LoPiccolo PC to schedule a consultation with a compassionate New Jersey drunk driving accident lawyer today.

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