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Is it Sexual Harassment if a Boss Promises a Promotion in Exchange for Sexual Favors?


The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace. You may be wondering: Am I being sexually harassed if my boss is promising a promotion in exchange for sexual favors? The answer is “yes”—this is known as quid pro quo sexual harassment. Here, our Monmouth County workplace sexual harassment lawyer highlights key things you should know about your rights and your options.

An Overview of Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment 

First and foremost, it is vital to re-emphasize that being offered a promotion in exchange for sexual favors is absolutely an example of sexual harassment. Indeed, this type of conduct is known as quid pro quo sexual harassment. It occurs when:

  1. Benefit is Offered for Sexual Favors: A boss or someone with authority offers you job benefits, like a promotion or raise, in exchange for sexual favors.
  2. Punishment is Proposed Without Sexual Favors: Along the same lines, quid pro quo sexual harassment can occur if a boss threatens to punish an employee unless he or she submits to sexual favors.

In other words, quid pro quo harassment is like someone saying, “You do this for me, and I’ll do that for you.” This is not only wrong but also illegal. It creates a harmful work environment where people feel pressured to do things that they would not otherwise consent to doing.

Understanding Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment through an Example 

Consider a hypothetical example of sexual harassment in New Jersey: Imagine that you are working hard at your job, hoping for a promotion. Your boss calls you into their office and says, “I’ve noticed your hard work, and I think you’re ready for the next step. But I’d like something in return.” They suggest that you go out with them on a date. In exchange, they state that they will make sure you get the promotion. This puts you in a very tough spot. You might feel scared to say no. It is a clear form of sexual harassment.

You Have the Right to Hold Your Employer Liable for Sexual Harassment 

All employees in New Jersey have vital legal rights. The law protects you from sexual harassment. If you are facing quid pro quo sexual harassment, you can take action. You can report the incident to your human resources department, a manager you trust, or even state authorities. Do not go it alone: No one should make you feel unsafe or uncomfortable in your place of work. Holding your employer accountable is a must. Consult with a top-tier New Jersey sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible.

Set Up a Confidential Consultation With a Top-Tier New Jersey Sexual Harassment Lawyer

At Poulos LoPiccolo PC, our New Jersey sexual harassment attorneys are compassionate advocates for employees. If you faced quid pro quo harassment, we are here to help. Contact us today to set up your strictly confidential, no obligation case evaluation. Our firm handles workplace sexual harassment cases in Monmouth County and all over the State of New Jersey.



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