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Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Home Health Care Agency in New York City


On July 31st, 2023, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released an official statement to the press confirming an employment lawsuit against a home health care agency in New York City. The EEOC contends that the employer engaged in racial discrimination and national origin discrimination. Notably, the lawsuit alleges that the employer was bending to the perceived preferences of clients/customers and discrimination against Black and Hispanic workers. In this article, you will find an overview of the allegations and your rights as a worker in New York City.

Allegations: Home Health Employer Followed Discriminatory Client Requests 

As reported by the EEOC, Four Seasons Licensed Home Health Care Agency—a Brooklyn, NY-based employer—allegedly engaged in race-based discrimination and national origin-based discrimination. The EEOC contends that they removed aides from their assignments due to racial and national origin preferences of clients. The agency alleges that the employer violated federal law (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964) as well as state and local anti-discrimination employment regulations. The lawsuit seeks damages for affected employees as well as other forms of relief.

 Employers Cannot Engage in Discriminatory Practices Based on Client/Customer Preferences 

Employers have an obligation to ensure a fair workplace, irrespective of client or customer preferences. Succumbing to biases expressed by customers can lead to discriminatory practices, undermining the principles of equality and justice. Courts are clear: An employer cannot defend a discrimination claim on the grounds that they were following a client or customer “preference.”

In filing the lawsuit against the home health care agency from New York City, a representative for the EEOC noted that unfavorable employee assignments based on racial discrimination and/or national origin discrimination are unlawful under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, “including when these decisions are grounded in preferences of the employer’s clients.”

 What to Do If You Were Subject to Racial or National Origin Discrimination in New York 

If you believe you have been subject to racial discrimination, national origin discrimination, or discriminatory practices based on your ethnic background in New York City, it is essential that you know your rights as well as the steps to address the injustice. Federal, state, and city laws all provide some form of legal protection. Here are key measures to take:

  • Document Everything: Keep a detailed record of incidents, including dates, times, locations, witnesses, and any communications. Any documentation that you have that supports your claim can be crucial evidence.
  • Report the Discrimination: If the discrimination occurred at work, you have the right to report it to your HR department or a higher authority within the organization. If you face retaliation for reporting discrimination, that is another violation of your rights.
  • Contact a New York City Employment Attorney: You do not have to take on an employer alone. Seek legal counsel from an experienced New York City employee rights advocate. Your lawyer can help you determine the proper course of action to get justice.

Contact Our New York City Employment Discrimination Lawyer Today

At Poulos LoPiccolo PC, our employment attorney has the professional expertise to handle racial discrimination claims and national origin discrimination claims. If you have any questions about your rights, please do not hesitate to contact us today for a strictly confidential consultation. We represent employees throughout New York City.



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