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Personal Injury Claims: What Is A Medical Lien?


Were you hurt in an accident? It is essential that you get the comprehensive medical care that you need to recover. It is no secret that medical treatment is expensive. According to data cited by K Health, the average cost to enter the emergency room is in excess of $1,200. When services are provided, emergency medical treatment could easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

This raises an important question: How do you pay for medical care after an accident? A personal injury claim offers a solution for those injured due to negligence. Of course, the claims process can be slow. A medical lien could be a tool for those who need bills paid now. Here, our Monmouth County personal injury lawyers provide an overview of medical liens in New Jersey.

The Challenge: Getting Medical Care (and Bills) Paid When Your Claim is Pending 

Any person injured in an accident needs high quality medical treatment. When an individual is injured or becomes ill and requires medical treatment, they may be faced with a difficult challenge of getting that treatment paid for while their personal injury claim is pending. If you have health insurance coverage—either through a private provider or through Medicare/Medicaid—this may not be an issue. However, if you lack coverage, you may have questions about how to get care.

 A Potential Solution: A Medical Lien is an Agreement Between Patient and Provider 

A medical lien is an agreement between the patient and the medical provider that allows the provider to be paid for the treatment they have provided, even though the patient’s insurance claim is still pending. In other words, a lien will be placed on the patient’s potential settlement or judgment from their claim, and the provider will be paid from that settlement or judgment once it is received. This allows the patient to receive the medical care they need without having to pay for it out of pocket. The provider can then be reimbursed when the personal injury case is resolved.

 A Medical Lien Should Be Negotiated By an Attorney 

While a medical lien can be a valuable tool for patients who need care now and lack insurance coverage or other resources to pay, they are complicated. There are some risks involved. it is imperative that your New Jersey personal injury lawyer negotiates the terms of the lien on your behalf. An attorney will be able to ensure that the lien is fair and reasonable, and that the provider is not taking advantage of the patient. They will also be able to negotiate the terms of the lien so that the patient is not left with less compensation than they deserve when the claim is resolved.

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